Project Description

Responsive WordPress redesign,

inbound marketing, SEO,

and social options

for Concise Designs Solar,

a Santa Rosa, California

solar energy small business

Responsive solar web design


Concise Designs Solar is a designer, manufacturer, and distributer of a solar mounting system based in Santa Rosa, California.

Their system’s clean, streamlined design is safer and faster to install, has a small footprint, and a beautiful low profile look.

Problem We Solved

This small business’s website had a complex problem. It needed to demonstrate a proof of concept for a unique new product, but lacked a following, a marketing vision, clear messaging, easy-to-read content, visual appeal, mobile access and search engine optimization. We tackled all of these problems with business team support and a more vibrant, user-friendly responsive WordPress website that is evolving as the business evolves.


Concise Designs Solar website before redesign

How We Helped

  • Refreshed marketing message
  • Wrote and reorganized content
  • Responsive mobile-friendly WordPress platform
  • Blog and social posts
  • Added new social share options
  • Added social review prompts
  • Added testimonials and review capture option
  • Added Analytics tracking
  • Added LinkedIn company page
  • Added and optimized Google My Business page
  • Photography
  • Video project
  • Secured site with SSL
  • Optimized pages and images for search engines
  • Optimized pages for intuitive use
  • Marketing and business team support
  • Continuing professional maintenance, inbound marketing, SEO


solar web design by Clarity Web Studio

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solar web design upgrade

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