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About Us

About Us at Clarity Marketing Studio

Small Business Marketing

Clarity Marketing Studio (formerly Clarity Web Studio) is a digital marketing agency providing marketing strategy, web design, and practical business marketing solutions that are optimized to meet your real-world business needs.

We’ve evolved from a one-person web design shop founded in 1999 to a team of pros. We’ve grown up with the internet since then, and we’re now a certified marketing agency providing an array of digital marketing services to help small businesses grow and prosper. With deep roots in both the art and science sides of marketing, we have a clear purpose — to use the talents of our team for good, to help you get noticed, be recognized, and elevate your business to the next level.

Proven Marketing System

Every business is different, even within the same industry. But we’ll create a custom plan for you. With “strategy first” as our guide, we build beautifully functional websites and integrate them into a proven marketing system using the Duct Tape Marketing methodology. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients at the top of search results, outshining their competitors, looking amazing online and happy with their results.

All In for You

When we take you as a client, you’ll lock out your local competitors from our help — because we can only be on one side of each race, we turn down their business as long as you are a longterm retainer client. We’re committed to helping our clients compete and win!

The Team

Linda Phillips Blue, Founder & Lead

Linda Phillips Blue
Founder & Marketing Director

  • Certified marketing consultant and small business advocate for 13 years
  • 13 additional years in IT in statewide data centers as a technical analyst, web designer, programmer, structured tester, and project lead on multimillion-dollar mission-critical public projects. Web design/development best practices and ADA accessibility resource for state agencies.
  • BA in Studio Art & Psychology

Our Specialists

No two businesses are the same, even in the same industry. So we begin each project with research into your business, your ideal clients, your business goals, and your current marketing situation. From there, we develop a customized marketing strategy and set out on a mission to implement the strategy. We’ve hand-picked a team of marketing specialists who we can pull into projects as they’re needed for precise purposes, so there is no bloat on your project team.

We look forward to working with you!

Our Skillsets

Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultants

Duct Tape Marketing Certified Marketing Consultant

We’re super proud of our newest marketing certification in the Duct Tape Marketing Network.

The pace of change in the marketing world may be fun for marketers, but it’s crazy-making for business owners trying to keep up. Our job is to assess which trends are just shiny new bobbles on the marketing landscape, discern which are actually worthy of your time and budget, and develop a plan that works for you. With our membership in the Duct Tape Marketing Network, we have access to a proven marketing system that has worked for thousands of business owners. And our network of associates has expanded well beyond California to worldwide.

We’re excited to be rolling out all new marketing plans in sync with Duct Tape Marketing’s methodology and bringing our current clients along into our new system. We’d love to talk with you about a marketing solution for your business.

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