Project Description

Custom Squarespace

web design, SEO, analytics,

and social profiles for

Gary Bubash, LMFT,

an Oakland, CA



apartment community web design


Gary Bubash is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Oakland California. Gary works with individuals and couples in in-person and online therapy sessions. He specializes in therapy for anxiety, depression, and addiction recovery.

Problem We Solved

Gary needed a website to publicize his new solo practice and attract clients that are a good fit. We worked collaboratively to create a marketing strategy and a site that authentically reflects Gary’s approach to counseling therapy.

Site Preview

psychotherapy web design

How We Helped

  • Created placeholder landing page during site construction
  • Researched competitors
  • Created a Squarespace website
  • Created UX strategy, palette & page designs
  • Created search-engine-friendly site structure
  • Optimized pages and images for search engines
  • Edited copy
  • Set up & connected Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  • New optimized Google My Business page
  • New optimized Facebook business page
  • New optimized LinkedIn business page
  • Consulted on domain name, email address, and other technology topics
  • Provided website owner instructions

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