Marketing is like construction.

A builder wouldn’t begin construction without an approved plan and a foundation. But service business owners often resort to throwing money at marketing tactics without a real plan for how to achieve their goals. If you’ve built a business you’re proud of, but you still…

  • want to stand out with a brand that people remember
  • need to increase visibility and sales
  • aren’t sure where to focus your marketing budget
  • have a new project you’re not sure how to launch
  • don’t know how to make your website work for you
  • hate seeing your site ranking below your competitors in searches

You could use a marketing partner to build your marketing foundation and help grow your business!

Build a marketing foundation
Marketing is like construction

Free yourself to focus on what you do best.

Business owner

You’ve already done the hard part — building a business with hard work, skills, and ingenuity. You’re already wearing two hats as a business owner, providing your product or service and managing everything that goes along with running a business.

It’s unlikely that you have the time or energy left to also learn the skills of a professional marketing strategist, writer, web designer, SEO, and other marketing roles. Even if you have a marketing person on staff, could they use some help to create continous growth for your business?

That’s where we come in — to help you connect with a proven marketing system.

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How We Can Help

There’s an art and a science to marketing required to create connections with both people and search engines.

Our team of pros use a proven proprietary and systematic approach to marketing that applies intuition and intelligence, psychology and technology, yin and yang. We all work together to bring you a strong, thoughtful marketing plan to help you accomplish your business goals.

Let’s create a plan for success.

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Our Services

Can you afford to do nothing?

You could be missing opportunities! If taking no action
isn’t a reasonable option anymore, let’s schedule a call
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“Linda clearly explained what my site needed for SEO improvement. My site looks better and is already showing higher in the rankings. I definitely recommend her service if you want to be found and recognized on the web.”
—Alan Cash Video

“Clarity Web Studio has kept my acupuncture business in full view of the public for the last 9 years and keeps my site ‘optimized’ in the Google rankings. Linda has made a world of difference in my business.”
—Janet Barrows Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine

Gary Bubash

“Linda at Clarity Web Studio was great to work with. A professional, savvy, and authentic person who was a perfect fit for me. She clearly outlined how things would go and I felt I had a partner as we worked through building the site. They do great work!”
—Gary Bubash, Psychotherapist

“Clarity Web Studio has helped increase my business by 15% in one year, which is a big number in my business. Their service gave me such great results that I upgraded my SEO plan to a higher level within a few months.”
—Vic Joshi Mortgage Consultant

3 Steps to Marketing CLARITY

Consider the relief of having a well-thought-out
action plan and a partner making things happen!

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Step 2

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Step 3

Grow Your Business

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