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WordPress Hosting, Maintenance & Support

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Your Site Is Your Marketing Home Base

As your most important marketing asset, your website deserves professional attention. A dingy, broken website signals to site visitors that you may not be forward thinking or that you may not be attentive to details in your business. Sign up for professional hosting and maintenance to protect your investment, ensure a great experience for your site visitors, and keep search engines engaged.

World Class Web Hosting

We include hosting services as part of your maintenance package from two providers:  a WordPress VIP provider of enterprise-grade WordPress hosting, trusted by the world’s top brands, and Duda, the professional website builder. Unlike us, they’re available 24×7 for chat tech support – we do have to sleep! But if you happen to experience a problem when we’re out of the office, they’re support is excellent.

White Glove Website Maintenance

Our white glove maintenance solutions cover every aspect of WordPress website maintenance for busy business owners who want the confidence of knowing they have great quality coverage. Pay for all your predictable website expenses with a single payment. We cover your hosting plan with tech support, all your premium software for the functionality you want on your site, privacy and ADA accessibility policies (if you choose that level), and labor to keep it in tip top shape.

What’s Included


Monthly Maintenance Plans

All Expenses Paid

Pay for all your predictable website expenses*, including state-of-the-art WordPress hosting, 24/7 monitoring and technical support, premium software for engagement and liability protection, and routine maintenance labor
with one payment per month.
*excludes domain name registrations and email plans


Hosting & Technical Basics

Basic level fully managed plan with hosting & tech support


Security & Performance

Professional level maintenance plan for advanced security & performance


Security, Performance, Policies

Concierge maintenance, advanced security, performance, & policies


  • World-Class Fully Managed WordPress Hosting with SSL Security
  • Content Delivery Network
  • WordPress/Theme/Plugin Updates
  • Backups & Security
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • 24/7 Chat Tech Support
  • Monthly Reports


  • Forms with Secure Email Sending Service
  • Premium Performance Tools
  • Premium Facebook or Instagram Feed
  • Premium Review Capture & Embedded Reviews
  • Broken Link Repair, SEO & Dashboard Tools
  • Website Edits & Free Consultation


  • Forms Lead Capture
  • Premium SEO Tools
  • Premium Security
  • Custom Cookie Policy
  • Custom Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, & Disclaimer
  • ADA Accessibility Solution

Why Not Wait Until It Breaks?

  • Lawsuits: You may be vulnerable to lawsuits if your site isn’t compliant with current legal policy requirements & guidelines that have been updated recently.
  • Hacks: You may be blissfully aware of hack intrusions, with embarrassing content appearing on your site and damage to your online reputation.

  • Downtime: Your site may become obsolete to the point that it can be very difficult to update without starting over.

  • Expense: “Rush” troubleshooting costs on a poorly maintained site that no one is monitoring are more difficult and more expensive than routine maintenance.

  • Lower search ranking: Site errors are seen by search engines and can lower your organic search ranking enough to give a competitor an edge.

  • Lack of trust: A poorly maintained site signals to potential customers that you aren’t professional or attentive to detail in general.

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