Project Description

Custom one-page

WordPress web design for

Lara Hornbeck, CST-T,

craniosacral therapist

professional & teaching assistant

in Berkeley, California

craniosacral therapist web design


Lara Hornbeck CST-T is a Berkeley, California craniocacral therapist and teaching assistant at the Upledger Institute, with thousands of hours of bodywork training.

A former Yoga teacher, Lara enjoys sharing the healing benefits of this attentive practice and how it can shift body, mind, and spirit.

Problem We Solved

This craniosacral therapist had been in practice for years focusing on deepening her knowledge about how the body works and refining her skills, but didn’t have a website.

We created a custom one-page WordPress site with a built-in expandable structure that will accommodate her future bodywork content.

Site Preview

craniosacral therapist website after redesign

How We Helped

  • New WordPress website
  • Custom graphic design with design support from Ross Turner Design
  • Expandable, one-page format
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design
  • Original marketing copy
  • Photography & photo editing
  • Analytics
  • Built-in SEO structure
  • SSL security
  • Embedded reviews & review prompts
  • New optimized Yelp page
  • New optimized Google My Business page
  • Marketing support
  • Ongoing technical and marketing maintenance support

Note on Original Content for CranioSacral Therapy

Writing copy for this site was very challenging. Craniosacral therapist websites typically have copied their website content word-for-word from the Upledger Institute site. The problem with that is that the written content of that site is geared toward training therapists, not toward educating the general public. There is little wonderful content about how craniosacral therapy actually works out there.

We spent literally days researching the scientific and mind/body aspects of this practice to gather information so we could create written copy that was respectful of Lara’s practice and that would help her potential clients understand what she does. We were fortunate to have attended her presentations on craniosacral therapy and to have her personal notes to draw from.

Because we believe that alternative healthcare disciplines have a legitimate scientific basis and aren’t simply “comfort” therapies, we worked hard to develop messaging that would convey the substance of what craniosacral therapy really is.

This is the same motivation we have for any website: copying and pasting from others’ websites is never acceptable. All aspects of a published website, from the marketing message to the content to the visual design and technical implementation, require some persistence toward the goal of creating original work that represents our clients well.

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craniosacral therapist website design

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