Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google SEO

What is SEO?

We optimize websites to make it clear to search engines what the focus of your website and individual pages are.

Search engines are out there spidering or crawling your website, looking at key indicators of your site, and then indexing the results it collects to make sense of them. They calculate an authority or relevance factor for your website topics to determine the importance of your pages relative to all of the other pages across the internet on those topics. The highest authority and highest relevance pages are those that rank high.

What is “Organic” Search?

Organic search results are those that rise to the top in a natural placement based on the quality of a website’s content. Organic or “natural” high placement in search results means that your content is graded for its usefulness by the search engines and seen as stronger on the topic searched, more relevant, and higher quality than results below it.

Non-organic paid ads, on the other hand, are placed simply because someone paid for them, whether they are really useful or not.

Benefits of Organic SEO

We provide organic SEO because it gets clients results with less cost, and it’s a better longterm investment. The value of the well-developed architectures and content we produce is never lost — it’s something that works for you 24×7 and that you can continue to build on as your site and your internet marketing effort grows.

In contrast, paid ads are short-lived, and there is no guarantee that the right customer is seeing them. Industry reports show that about half of paid Google ads are never even seen.

Importance of Ranking High in Organic Search

vs. Paid Ads


67.6% of clicks are on
first 5 page 1 results


5.6% of clicks are on
page 2 & 3 results

How Search Works

We focus first on Google, since 91.9% of searches are done on Google as of January 2022. Their algorithms, the mathematical/data driven formulas powering the search engine to determine the of rank websites and pages, are constantly changing. Their ad placement strategy changes, too.

Optimize for Search Engines

stand out

We want search engines to value your site and help it stand out. When we optimize for search engines, we use best practices in the discipline of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get the best response possible from search engines. We build search-friendly websites based on your business goals, using a range of tactics that let search engines know your site deserves high ranking because of the quality, quantity and authority of your site’s content.

Optimize for People

engage people

We want people to say “wow!” when they find your site. When we optimize for people, we use best practices in the disciplines of marketing, User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience Design (UXD) to engage your ideal customer. We build a customer magnet by creating visuals that speak intuitively to the person who is looking for what you offer, through a well-planned marketing strategy that focuses on meeting their needs.

See Your Business Grow

win win

Everybody wins when your customer finds what they want and you gain a new customer relationship. We help clients attract, convert, close and retain those relationships with organic inbound marketing, to reach potential customers wherever they are in the buyer’s journey.

Our marketing packages all include SEO and are designed to fit varying budgets.

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