Project Description

Custom WordPress responsive

web design with automatically

populated topic pages,

embedded reviews & social for

Premier Homes & Country Estates,

Santa Rosa California

Real Estate Agency

Real estate responsive web design


Premier Homes & Country Estates helps match buyers looking for their dream home, country estate, or horse property with sellers in Sonoma County California.

Lead agent Lisa Thomas curates a one-of-a-kind collection of horse properties in the North Bay Area.

Problem We Solved

This real estate agency had an older template website that was poorly designed, tedious to maintain, and lacking SEO basics.

We created consistent SEO naming conventions for hundreds of exported property photos and posts to systemize maintenance. We created a database-driven structure that simplifies maintenance by auto populating pages with property posts by keyword to keep the site clean and current.


Real estate web design before

How We Helped

  • Responsive mobile-friendly WordPress platform
  • New database-driven content architecture for easy maintenance
  • Exported and renamed all website assets with consistent naming conventions
  • Search engine optimized pages, property posts, & images
  • Embedded automated review capture
  • Embedded social feed
  • Added SSL security
  • Optimized Yelp page
  • Reclaimed and optimized Google My Business page
  • Continuing professional maintenance support & SEO


Real estate web design after

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