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How to Market a Small Business

Before spending on marketing tactics presented to you with razzle dazzle salesmanship, you need to have a strategy to identify exactly what your marketing priorities should be. Your marketing needs will vary depending on your industry and your niche. But in general, businesses need similar things at the same levels of growth and revenue.

The key to success is to create a strategy first before wasting money on tactics that may or may not work. Once you have a plan, you can build a marketing foundation that you can expand methodically as your business grows.

how to identify your marketing needs

Start with Strategy

It’s hard to tell where to start, right?! You are probably bombarded by marketing service offers, and some sound very persuasive. But how can you make the right decision?

Customer Success Track*

The Customer Success Track Business Model makes it easy to visualize what marketing activities are most important at each stage of business growth. It also allows you to see the trajectory from where you are now to where you will be as your business grows, to help you envision your future.

It’s true that every business is unique. But it’s also true that business owners in any industry experience many of the same problems when it comes to marketing. The book The Ultimate Marketing Engine identifies 5 stages of growth, each with their own unique characteristics.

Customer Service Track Stages
The Ultimate Marketing Engine, John Jantsch 2021

*The Customer Success Track Business Model appears in The Ultimate Marketing Engine by John Jantsch, Founder of Duct Tape Marketing. Used with permission.

How to Start Thinking Strategically About Your Business Marketing

1. Business growth stage

Which stage of business growth best matches your business? For simplicity, we’ll look at the first three stages where many small businesses fall.


Revenue: $0 – $250K
Staff:        1
Challenge: Time & Money
Leadership: Owner


Revenue: $250K – $1M
Staff:        2-3
Challenge: Message & Leads
Leadership: Owner & Contractors


Revenue: $1M – $3M
Staff:        4-15
Challenge: Sales & Marketing
Leadership: Owner & Assistants

2. Marketing patterns

Once you have identified the stage of your business in #1, check that category below to see if you recognize the marketing characteristics that are typical for a business your size.


  • Founder driven sales
  • No website leads
  • Company and product focused content
  • Inconsistent online presence
  • Little social media engagement
  • No consistent email outreach


  • Not converting website traffic
  • Struggling to get on page one/maps
  • No engagement in social media
  • Not following up on leads effectively
  • Not sure how to use online advertising
  • No solid sales process


  • Not tracking client relationships
  • Not fully tracking marketing results
  • Not actively upselling and cross-selling
  • Not taking full advantage of online advertising
  • Not seen as a leader in the industry

3. Marketing challenges

Check your category below to see if you can relate to the typical marketing pain points of most businesses your size.


  • Rapid marketing changes
  • Not sure where to invest
  • Social media seems a waste
  • Not getting repeat business
  • Too many tasks


  • Not enough time to produce content
  • Not sure what content to produce
  • Online advertising seems too complex
  • Not converting enough leads
  • Not retaining enough clients


  • Lead cycles up and down
  • Marketing return hard to understand
  • Client acquisition still seems high
  • Sales process still too manual
  • Customer service inconsistent

4. Marketing solutions

If you can see your business in the business stages, marketing patterns and problems above, here you’ll begin to see prioritized solutions. Let us help you tackle these one step at a time! We have plans designed for each level, using the Duct Tape Marketing Customer Success System.


  • Get your website prepared to convert leads
  • Drive traffic to your site from search engines
  • Establish a branded social media presence
  • Automate reviews
  • Re-engage with past customers


  • Drive higher quality traffic and leads
  • Engage more ideal client interactions
  • Improve search engine and maps rankings 
  • Automate lead capture
  • Increase sales conversion


  • Create consistent lead flow
  • Reduce waste on advertising
  • Automate lead nurturing
  • Engage higher ideal client conversion
  • Improve your retention and referral rate

5. Let’s Talk About Your Options

Let’s schedule a free consultation call! Ask any questions that might help you get moving in a good direction.

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