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Marketing Services

Marketing Services

How to Market a Small Business

We use a practical, systematic approach to marketing that works using a current marketing body of knowledge. The old marketing funnel doesn’t work anymore! Search engines have empowered people to find their own solutions. By the time a potential customer contacts you, they’ve already felt a connection.

Typically 57% of a site visitor’s buying decision is already made before they contact you, based on how you look online.

Our job is to provide marketing products that help your ideal client solve their problem and meet them wherever they are in their search for a solution, along the Customer Journey. We communicate the high quality of your services intuitively through top quality marketing products.

% of customers who decide to buy before contacting you


Strategy First

“Strategy first” means that we determine what you need before we start throwing your money at random marketing tactics that may or may not help. We look at your industry, your location, your profession, and your competitors to find what’s missing. Then we create a Marketing Action Plan to help you create the kind of content and website that will attract your ideal customer, rank high enough to be found, and grow your business.

We start by creating a custom plan for you, to reach these milestones:

1 Establish a sound marketing foundation with a “strategy first” discovery process. We learn about your business, who your competitors are, what is working best for you currently, where the holes are in your marketing direction, and what the next best steps are.

2 Build a beautifully functional, optimized website that works for you, or rehab your existing site if possible. We optimize your site for people with a core message that draws them in to learn more, and for search engines by optimizing your site structure and content for the right keywords.

3 Integrate your website into a proven marketing system using the Duct Tape Marketing methodology. We use a series of marketing tactics to attract your ideal client, nurture them through the Marketing Hourglass to

  • know,
  • like, and
  • trust you enough to
  • try your services. After that initial positive experience using your solution, they’ll be more ready to
  • buy and ideally bring you
  • repeat business. The ultimate goal is that they’ll become your cheerleader, happy to
  • refer you to others!

Customer Touchpoints in
The Marketing Hourglass

marketing hourglass with customer touch points

What is Marketing?

“Marketing” sounds vague to most people, and possibly a little shady. Why? Because it may bring to mind manipulative advertising or a negative experience you may have had with a marketer in the past. Done right, it’s a service to both buyer and seller: your buyer is looking for a good solution and you’ve worked hard to provide just that thing.

Here are some good definitions from reputable sources.

Marketing refers to any actions a company takes to attract an audience to the company’s product or services through high-quality messaging. Marketing aims to deliver standalone value for prospects and consumers through content, with the long-term goal of demonstrating product value, strengthening brand loyalty, and ultimately increasing sales.What is Marketing, and What’s Its Purpose?

  • “Marketing is promoting yourself to potential customers in any form on any platform.”
  • “Marketing is educating your potential customers, raising their desire for transformation, and increasing their ability to make an informed sales decision by differentiating your solutions from all their other options.”
  • “Marketing allows consumers to become aware, build an opinion, make an informed decision, and at times, maintain a long-term connection with a specific brand.”
  • “Marketing is the strategic and tactical execution of an initiative whose primary goal is to draw attention to a product or service.”
  • “Marketing is like having a spotlight and being able to choose where you shine it.”
  • “Marketing is the art of convincing people that need your product or service that you’re the best option they have…”
  • “Marketing is all the things you do to move your potential customer through the cycle of knowing, liking, trusting, buying, and hopefully recommending your product or services to others.”
    7 Marketing Definitions According to the Marketing Pros

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. —  Definitions of Marketing

happy customer

What is the Purpose of a Business?

Ultimately your business succeeds by solving your ideal client’s problem and providing a great customer experience along the way.

“What if the purpose of a business was to discover what it takes to make your customer successful?”
— John Jantsch, The Ultimate Marketing Engine (2021)

Our job is to create a win for your ideal customer who finds you, happily gets their needs met, and by doing so creates a win for you both.


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