Getting ready for a little time off for the end-of-year holidays? Here are some funny out of office messages that will make you chuckle!

Funny, Clever, Snarky?

Depending on your mood or your desperation for free time, you might choose something funny, clever or snarky. Since you probably don’t want to be totally inaccessible or alienate your lovely clients, a more considerate out of office message would kindly request some slack during the holiday but still impress that you sincerely care — hopefully not along the lines of those “your business is important to us” phone tree mantras that are clearly not backed up by evidence that they care or the availability of an actual person — but with a promise to catch up as soon as you’re back.

What Time Off?!

That’s the gotcha for business owners. Time off is accompanied by a return to a mountain of things to catch up on, right? Many business owners work long crazy hours as we try to get that one last task done to give us or our clients an edge before we sign off each day. It can be hard to carve out uninterrupted time off, during the holidays or any time. With email popping up on our cell phones 24/7, those business emails just keep coming, and it’s hard to resist reading them even when we’re officially taking a break, even if there isn’t a crisis to deal with.

A Friendly Nudge

Snarky might not work so well for the range of people who  might receive your out of office reply. But a little humor might give someone pause before interrupting your quality time.