Before we decide to favor either inbound or outbound marketing, here’s a good definition of marketing in general:

“Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service.

It encompasses a lot. Anyone who runs a business knows how important a good marketing strategy is, to ensure that it survives and prospers. The bottom line is that businesses need to provide what people are looking for, and potential customers need to know the business exists and what it offers. So what’s the best strategy for making that connection — inbound or outbound marketing?

Old School Traditionoutbound marketing

Outbound  — “Push” Marketing

Traditional old-school marketing involves advertising products and services to consumers even if they are not looking for them.

Interruption Marketing

Television ads, cold calls, banner ads and popup ads that demand attention typically don’t typically provide enough useful information to convert contacts into customers.

needle in a haystack outbound marketingTraditional marketing methods can be effective if used strategically, but the ROI is only 1/3 as good. A one-time ad blanketing a limited geographic area can be very expensive, and might not even reach your intended audience.

Reaching your ideal client by broadcasting ads is like finding a needle in a haystack. There is no guarantee that anyone will notice or respond.

Ads that get in your potential customer’s way can really be annoying, to the point that they may form a negative opinion of your company. Not the way to start a positive buyer relationship!

The New Sales Funnel

Inbound — “Pull” Marketing

Inbound marketing is more about reaching only your ideal consumer, by creating content specifically designed to attract qualified prospects and helping them find that they want.

new marketing sales funnel -

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Attraction Marketing

Instead of beating the bushes trying to find customers, inbound marketing makes it easy for your ideal customer to find you. Inbound strategy pulls in people who are already searching for your services or products, no matter where they are in the Buyer’s Journey.

Site Visitors Are Pre-Qualified Leads

Your website should be a marketing machine that brings you business. To make this happen, it has to be a prime source of information for your industry, to attract people who are already out there looking for your products and services. If local business is key for you, your site should be the strongest in your geographic area, attracting visitors through organic search and social media.

When you position yourself online with a great optimized web site that is a good fit for your ideal clients’ needs, you have a 24×7 worldwide marketing funnel out there bringing in business.

By the time a visitor to your web site contacts you, they’ve already done their homework and are telling you they’re very interested in your products or services. They are likely 60-70% through their decision-making process before ever contacting you.

hunter gathererReward the Hunter Gatherer

This gentler, more organic method of marketing takes advantage of people’s natural hunter/gatherer instincts.

There is a satisfying feeling of success for someone who finds just what they are looking for that can be traced in the body’s chemical responses.

People are empowered by the internet in an unprecedented way to find what they want without geographic limit. Help your ideal customer find what they want and feel good about doing it!

Return on Investment

3 Times the Leads

For every dollar spent on inbound marketing, statistically you’ll bring in 3 times as many leads!

3x more leads with inbound

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Will Inbound Work for You?

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