Professional website maintenance services are essential for business owners who don’t have an in-house technical expert. Or who don’t want to direct their valuable time and resources somewhere else, or who choose not to spend late nights into the wee hours over a computer monitor trying to learn a new profession.

When a website’s performance and quality is high, site visitors get the benefit of a better user experience and a better impression of your business in general. Search engines can easily index an efficient site for more consistently high ranking in searches.

WordPress website maintenance can be deceptive, because the WordPress dashboard offers buttons to push that might give the illusion that button-pushing is all that’s required to keep a site performing well! Some knowledge of the technical environment below the level of WordPress, in the hosting account and on the web server, is essential to preventing downtime, software conflicts and vulnerability to hacking.

Website Maintenance: Why Not Wait Until It Breaks?

Let's face it — maintenance services of any kind are just not very sexy. Whether it's for a home appliance or your car or your website, when you make that payment for maintenance services, your mind might wander to what >>

Website Maintenance: Why Not Wait Until It Breaks?2022-03-30T22:24:29-08:00
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