Get the Right Information to the Right People

Along with your public facing website, you can also have an intranet or extranet to save you considerable time in communicating with partners or customers. These secure site options also provide a personalized, efficient experience for site users.

Internet: Your Public Website

Your internet site is the face of your business online, the one we focus your marketing effort on. Internet sites are often portals to other related websites, like secure intranet and extranet sites.

Intranet: Secure Website for Staff

An intranet site is a password-protected area that’s an extension of your internet site.

  • Serves as a knowledge base for keeping your staff or other insiders informed or keeping track of important private or shared operations information.
  • Use it for central safekeeping of documents on the web server, for calendars or contact lists that are important to your business, so you and your authorized staff can access them from anywhere.
  • Information updates and distribution throughout your organization are simplified — no more emailing updated documents to groups of people. Your intranet users all have access to the same content.
  • Makes the right information available to the right people.
internet intranet extranet

Extranet: Secure Extended Website for Partners or Customers

An extranet is a password-protected web site that is an extension of your internet site, for sharing information with valued business partners or customers. Examples:

  • AmazonAmazon Order Tracking: When you log in as an Amazon customer, you are essentially logging in to an extranet where you can access your order history and other information specific to you.
  • FedExFedEx’s Package Tracking: When you want to track a FedEx package, you log in to their extranet with your tracking number to access information specific to your delivery.
  • Nonprofits use extranets to share information with members or partners in their causes that they don’t necessarily want to make public.

Internet, Intranet, or Extranet

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