What Inbound Marketing Is

Inbound marketing is an approach that uses various techniques to attract customers in a way that is relevant and helpful to them. The idea is to make sure that your content addresses their concerns and interested, appearing in the right place at the right time to help people get what they want.

This is the secret of inbound marketing: wherever buyers are in the Buyer’s Journey, whether they’re looking online for the first time or ready to make a buying decision after collecting information, inbound marketing helps them along their path.

Become a Problem Solver

When you become a problem solver for your ideal customer, they succeed, and your business succeeds, too. You both win.

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

What’s the Difference?

Inbound marketing (also called “pull marketing or “attraction marketing”) is highly focused on your ideal customer and doesn’t waste your time and money by showing products and services to people who aren’t looking for them. You actually reward your ideal customer’s hunter/gatherer instinct with inbound.

Outbound marketing (AKA “push marketing” or “interruption marketing”) scatters one-time ads over an area hoping someone will see them, potentially reaching no one who is interested.

Which is most effective, Inbound or Outbound Marketing? And which returns the highest ROI?

inbound marketing rewards the hunter/gatherer

Inbound marketing returns 3 times the leads for each dollar spent!

Inbound vs. Internet / Online / Digital Marketing

inbound marketing strategy

What’s the Difference?

Internet marketing, online marketing and digital marketing are all ways of describing the same thing: tactics used to accomplish a marketing goal online. Tactics such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing are typical internet marketing activities that serve primarily to attract traffic.

Inbound marketing differs in that it’s a methodology that addresses the potential customer wherever they may be in the Buyer’s Journey, including attracting traffic, converting leads, and closing sales. Instead of using cookie cutter tactics, inbound is lifecycle marketing that creates a flow between tactics that allows you to engage customers in a way that is meaningful and helpful to them.

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