We’re Duct Tape Marketing Certified!

We’re proud to announce our new marketing certification after intensive months of study, with acceptance into the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. We’re excited to begin working with vastly extended resources within this network to help our clients’ business grow >>

We’re Duct Tape Marketing Certified!2021-09-21T22:53:20-08:00

Website Maintenance: Why Not Wait Until It Breaks?

Let's face it — maintenance services of any kind are just not very sexy. Whether it's for a home appliance or your car or your website, when you make that payment for maintenance services, your mind might wander to what >>

Website Maintenance: Why Not Wait Until It Breaks?2021-09-12T16:30:34-08:00

9 Ways to Check Your Online Reputation

Even if you don't have that relative in your family that is always getting into trouble, and even if you don't have any deep dark secrets, it's good to be aware of what is floating out there online — >>

9 Ways to Check Your Online Reputation2021-09-12T16:32:49-08:00

Reviews & Online Reputation Threats

Have you Googled yourself lately? Reviews and online reputation threats can derail a job interview, your customers' trust, or even a blind date. Be proactive to find out what might cause you trouble in legal, social and business circles if >>

Reviews & Online Reputation Threats2017-05-01T14:07:50-08:00

Inbound or Outbound Marketing – What’s the Difference?

Before we decide to favor either inbound or outbound marketing, here's a good definition of marketing in general: "Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service." —Investopedia It encompasses a >>

Inbound or Outbound Marketing – What’s the Difference?2020-10-27T16:14:31-08:00

26 Website Improvements Customers Will Love You For

Does your small business have a website? People are out there looking for your products and services! Even if you’re active on social media, operating without a website, or with an inadequate website, is a terrible handicap. A website is >>

26 Website Improvements Customers Will Love You For2021-06-20T20:00:55-08:00

What’s in Your Marketing Stack?

Wait — What is a marketing stack, anyway? Basically, it's an inventory of the tools you are using to market your business. Ideally you'd be focusing your attention on tools and technology that are in line with your business goals >>

What’s in Your Marketing Stack?2017-04-30T20:34:05-08:00
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